Big Frame


December 23, 2015


Our Simple Value Promise to Our Talent and Industry Partners

As the creator class continues its rapid rise, there has been an exponential increase in the number of service providers. By way of example, today’s talent business teams can include MCNs, talent managers, talent agents, PR leads, lawyers, accountants and programmatic ad platforms…and this is far from the complete list. At Big Frame, we’ve observed first-hand the confusion of many talent and industry partners as they navigate this increasingly-complex partner ecosystem.

As a result, we regularly field questions like:

  1. “Who do I need on my team?”
  2. “What does each partner do?”
  3. “When is the right time to hire each one?”

In response, we at Big Frame want to clarify our value to the market – so we created a new website with simple and clear messaging about who we are and what we do.


Big Frame is the premier talent representation company, providing full service talent management and influencer marketing services for both digital and traditional creators. We pride ourselves on being the first team hire by the majority of our premier talent clients.


Since formation in 2011, Big Frame has constantly evolved to better serve creators and the many companies looking to partner with them. Our core product has always been talent representation. Initially servicing YouTuber personalities purely native to digital, Big Frame now represents talent who are global media brands across all digital and traditional categories, driving many of the most innovative projects in entertainment today, ranging from feature films, digital content licensing and touring to consumer product lines, podcasts and endorsement partnerships.

Big Frame’s investment in digital-first creators pre-dates any of our management competitors, and we have substantially grown our talent management and influencer marketing teams as the market has evolved. Our team has a wide range of expertise, from traditional content-creation and deal-making to advertising and investment structuring. This depth positions Big Frame as the most-effective, most-creative and most-valuable partner for our clients.

At Big Frame, talent representation is not just a job; it is a lifestyle. We live and breathe the talent and creator marketplace, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Today, with the launch of our new website, we celebrate that our online identity and messaging is consistent with the value promise we practice day in and day out.

For those that are part of the Big Frame family, our value promise will come as no surprise. For those who have yet to join our ranks as talent clients or business partners, we encourage you to reach out and learn more.

Chris Erwin
Chief Operating Officer
Big Frame